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Plumbing & Heating FAQ's

HPG have compiled a list of frequently asked plumbing & heating questions for any queries that you may have

Plumbing & Heating FAQ's

HPQ Contractors Ltd. have compiled below a list of frequently asked questions to help answer those common troublesome plumbing and heating queries that you may have. For anything not listed, contact us for more information or for a visit

Q: How do I turn the mains water off?
A: First, you need to find the incoming mains stopcock. Usually this is to be found under a kitchen sink (in a new property) or in older properties it can be found at the foot of a pipe box, in the attic or under the floor boards. If all else fails you will need to turn the water off in the street using a mains stopcock key. You'll probably need a plumber's assistance for this. Contact us for help.

Q: How do I stop a tap dripping?
A: First of all, turn off the mains water supply (as above). Use a small flat-headed screwdriver to remove the tap head. Once you have removed this, use a spanner to remove the cartridge (the part underneath the head), normally anticlockwise, so that you can replace the washer. The washer can be turned upside down and replaced back on the cartridge sometimes instead of replacing. If it does need to be replaced, you should be able to find the size you need at any DIY store. Then replace the cartridge and tap head before turning on the water supply again.

Q: What should I do if I smell gas?
A: Locate your gas meter (sometimes under the stairs or outside your building), and turn the service valve off (a quarter turn in the direction shown on the valve). Then call out your local gas supplier.

Q: How do I re-pressurise my combi boiler?
A: Locate the filling loop (usually under the boiler) which is a silver braided hose with one or two black levers. Gently open the levers which will let water into the central heating system and so increase the pressure to 1.2 bar of pressure. Then close the levers. Do not over pressurise the system. If you do, accidentally over-pressurise the system then call in your plumber by following this link.

Q: How do I unblock my sink?
A: Get some good quality drain cleaner solution from your DIY store. Use regularly to prevent build up (a couple of times every year). Avoid putting foodstuffs and fats down your drains as these will cause blockages. Shower traps and baths can also benefit from regular treatment with unblocking agents to prevent hair and soap scum build up.

Q: How can I save energy?
A: Turn your thermostat down 1 degree and you could save around £40 a year. Put thermostats on your radiators if you don't already have them. If you already have thermostats, turning them down slightly can have a dramatic effect on the energy you consume.

Plumbing & Heating FAQ's